We are located close to Venice (30 km far) in a small village called Carbonera in the Treviso area.

Our address:
Via Grande di Carbonera n° 54 - 31030 Carbonera (Treviso)

We are very close to the Treviso town centre but at the same time we are also close to the country side which is surrounded by a lot of trees and flowers.  We are very well connected with Treviso and Venice.  In fact, there is a bus stop just in front of our house (BUS route number 10) that will take you to the centre of Treviso in 20 minutes and to the train station from where you can reach Venice in 20 minutes.  So in 40 minutes your experience can go from the calm and beauty of the country side to the majestic and the unique of the Venice town!

We are close to both airports: Treviso and Venice (note: Treviso is usually indicated as Venice-Treviso on Ryanair timetable).
If you need, we can pick up you directly at the airport, just let us know your flight number or landing time.
Otherwise you can rent a car in the Treviso airport (TSF) or in the Venice airport (VCE), depending on your flight.
You can easily arrive also by bus, find indications in the map below, hovering the airport with the mouse. Ticket fare is 1.50 euro.


Complete map

From Treviso airport - “Canova” (TSF)

 How to arrive by car

  1. After exit from airport turn on the right.
  2. At the first roundabout, take the ring road on your right.
  3. Proceed on the ring road following “ODERZO” directions.
  4. After 800mt from the end of ring road, turn on the left following “LANZAGO” indication.
  5. At the roundabout, take the first exit on the right, towards “CARBONERA”.
  6. Proceed about 2Km until the end of the road, at the crosslight turn right.
  7. After about 1Km, there is a roundabout, exit on the left.
  8. The B&B is on your left.

 How to arrive by bus nr. 6 and then nr. 10

  1. Exiting from the airport, the bus stop is just on the left in the main road.
  2. Catch the bus nr 6 and get off at STAZIONE FS stop (railway station).
  3. Catch the bus nr 10 from the same platform*
  4. Get off at CARBONERA stop, in front of the B&B.

Keep attention:
The last useful bus nr. 6 is at 19.55.
The last bus nr. 10 is at 20.23.
*Not all buses nr. 10 have the same route. Please check with ACTT bus timetable.

From railway station - TREVISO FS

Indications from railway station to B&B by BUS nr. 10

  1. Coming from platforms, exit from station towards “Treviso CENTRO”.
  2. In the platform in front of the exit, you can find the stop of bus nr. 10*.
  3. Get off in CARBONERA in front of B&B Canziane (the stop after center square).

Keep attention:
The last bus nr. 10 is at 20.23.
Bus frequency is about half an hour.
*Not all buses nr. 10 have the same route. Please check with ACTT bus timetable.
Ticket fare:
1.50 Euro if bought in retailers,
2.50 Euros if bought in the bus.

Directions from A27 motorway

  1. Take the exit  "TREVISO SUD".
  2. At the first roundabout take the third exit in the direction "Aeroporto".
  3. Drive 800 meters and then exit on the right in direction "SILEA".
  4. Drive 200 meters to the stop and then turn right.
  5. At the roudabout go ahead (second exit) in direction “LANZAGO”.
  6. At the following roundabout, take the second exit in direction “CARBONERA”.
  7. Continue 2Km to the traffic light, then turn right.
  8. Drive about 1Km to the roundabout, and then exit on the left.
  9. The B&B is on your left.
Arrive at   B&B Canziane

At the roundabout, exit on the left (second exit). The B&B is on your left.
Just after the left bend, turn left and enter in the little road.

Hovering with the mouse over the interested place (Airport, A27 exit, Treviso railway station) you can find related directions.

Detailed map


Keep attention:
The last useful bus nr. 6 is at 19.55.
The last bus nr. 10 is at 20.23.
*Not all buses nr. 10 have the same route. You have to catch buses with last stop in Mignagola, check with timetable.
Please check also route map and regulations.